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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Advanced Studies, 100 ECTS

Learning outcomes

- the student gains understanding of the deep roots of wars and conflicts and their short and long term consequences.
- the student learns to understand the preconditions for conflict resolution and peace both in local as well as in international and global contexts.
- the student learns to analyze the evolution of the conflicts and conflict resolution and gains knowledge of peace building, mediation and negotiation.

The programme aims to prepare students for postgraduate studies, independent research work, as well as for professional activity at various tasks in the society, ranging from interpersonal relationships to international conflict situations.


Some courses are organised together with another Master's programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research in Åbo Akademi University in Vasa (Department of Social Sciences, Developmental Psychology).

The programme is in accordance with the Finnish government’s call for promoting Finland’s role in Peace Mediation. There is a growing need for experts in various tasks of conflict resolution, mediation and crisis management, both in the service of governments and in different international organizations.

At all levels of social action, understanding aggression and conflict is the first step in reducing and preventing the harmful aspects of these behaviors. Additionally, a focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation and peacemaking can also play a role in preventing and reducing aggression in society. Hence this programme will focus not only on the study of conflict but also on its resolution. This has numerous applications in the real world extending from interpersonal and family relationships to schools, working and economic life, and as evidenced daily in the news, in the international community.


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Advanced Studies

PEACE2 Peace Research Design, 5 ECTS
Studies in Peace and Conflict Research 30 ECTS
Students must complete 30 ECTS of this study module. This study module consists of variety of courses on cutting edge research topics in the field of peace and conflict research. The courses can be selected from a course list published every year (including the courses below). If the courses are not offered, they can be completed by independent study. If a student chooses the internship, then she/he must complete 25 ECTS with courses.
Specialization Specific Studies 20 ECTS
Students in the Master's degree programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research will complete 20 ects of their own major subject.
Students must choose 20 ECTS from this study module. Courses of this module must be agreed with the responsible Professor in the Peace-programme in Psychology.
Thesis Seminar and Master's Thesis 40 ECTS
PEACE006 Thesis seminar, 5 ECTS
PEACE034 Master's Thesis, 35 ECTS
School of Social Sciences and Humanities