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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Advanced Studies, 85 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the advanced studies, the student

• possesses in-depth knowledge in her/his own area of specialization in Russian and European studies (politics/international relations, society, culture and language)

• is able to ask relevant and up to date questions in her/his area of specialization in Russian and European studies and has developed a structured idea of responding to them, as well as working in and influencing that context

• can give fluent presentations in her/his area of specialization in Russian and European studies, compile material and analyse it independently and critically, can operate in a group, and can argue and report on the basis of systematic research

• has the substantial, linguistic and cultural prerequisites for further work in matters relating to Russia and/or Europe


Numeric 1-5.

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Advanced Studies

Optional RES modules 20 ECTS
One element from below
Sociology 20 ECTS
Students majoring in sociology take the course "Russian class structure and society". In addition they may take other suitable courses offered by Sociology after confirming this with their supervisor. They may also choose at least 5 ECTS offered in the programme by International relations or Russian language and culture.
Russian Language and Culture 20 ECTS
All four courses are obligatory for students of Russian Language and Culture.
School of Management