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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Advanced Studies in Russian Language and Culture, 60 ECTS

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Advanced Studies in Russian Language and Culture

VENS3 Russian Culture, 5 ECTS
Thesis Studies 20 ECTS
VENS4 Seminar II, 5 ECTS
Specialization courses 25 ECTS
VENS7 Verbal Aspect Theory, 5 ECTS
VENS8 Stylistics, 5 ECTS
VENS9 Lexicology, 5 ECTS
VENS10 Media Discourse, 5 ECTS
VENS11 Sociolinguistics, 5 ECTS
VENS12 Multimodality, 5 ECTS
VENS18 Other Specialisation, 5 ECTS
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies