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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2012–2015
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North American Studies, 25–60 op


Primary objective of the program: A program for students and post-graduate students who wish to pursue their degrees in their major subject with a focus on North America.

Secondary objective: Students who wish to focus on North American Studies, in conjunction with their major, but do not intend to continue studies past a Master’s degree.


North American Studies

North America has a large political and economic impact on the world. In recognition of this fact, the theme of the North American Studies program is that of politics and economics. Reflecting the location of the program, in Finland, the North American Studies program is a comparative, rather than an area-studies program. Thus, courses go beyond understanding events, policies and issues in North America to understanding these events, policies and issues in general, with the North American cases serving as a special example.

The program is multi-disciplinary with a focus on political science and economics. A particular emphasis of the program is on welfare state issues. Incorporating welfare state issues provides a rich comparative focus on an issue that is of great importance domestically and globally. In addition to political science and economics, other disciplines are also incorporated in the program. The combination of these different approaches will provide students with an in depth understanding of the politics and economics of North America. The program’s themes have wide overlap with various other programs at the University of Tampere.

The NAM-program offers two levels of studies; The Basic Studies (25 ECTS) and Subject studies (35 ECTS). North American Studies can be included in various studies as a full minor (basic studies 25 ECTS + subject studies 35 ECTS) in a Master's degree. The completion of the basic studies (25 ECTS) can serve as a minor for the Bachelor of Arts Degree (Kandidaatin tutkinto) (Please check your School’s requirement for minor subjects!).

The NAM program is especially suited for students planning a career in research, international organizations and/or international business. Furthermore, it is particularly useful for students planning to write their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation on a North American topic.

Students may take North American Studies in any order.


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