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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Intermediate studies in business studies, 35–100 ECTS


Numeric 1-5.

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Intermediate studies in business studies

35–75 ECTS
Specialising studies in Marketing 25 ECTS
Customer-Oriented Marketing 25 ECTS
KATMAP11 Multidimensional Marketing, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATMAA12 Marketing Communications, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATMAA13 Service Marketing, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATMAA14 Consumer Behavior, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATMAA15 Marketing Management, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
Spesialising Studies in Economics 50–85 ECTS
Economic Theory 25 ECTS
KATTAP11 Introduction to Economics, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATTAA12 Microeconomics I, 10 ECTS (2.aut)
KATTAA13 Macroeconomics I, 10 ECTS (2.spr)
Introduction to Empirical Economics 20 ECTS
MTTTP3 Basics of statistical inference 2, 5 ECTS (1.spr / 2.spr)
MTTTA1 Basics of statistical methods, 5 ECTS (1.spr / 2.spr)
MTTTA13 Empirical project, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA21 Econometrics I, 5 ECTS (2.aut / 3.aut)
Field Courses in Economics, Bachelor Level 5–45 ECTS
KATTAA31 Public Economics I, 5 ECTS (2.aut / 3.aut)
KATTAA32 Labour Economics I, 5 ECTS (2.aut / 3.aut)
KATTAA33 Economic Policy, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA34 Development Economics, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA35 International Economics, 5 ECTS (2.aut / 3.aut)
KATTAA36 Environmental Economics, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA37 Monetary Economics, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA38 Local Public Economics, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
KATTAA39 EU Public Finance, 5 ECTS (2.spr / 3.spr)
Specialising Studies in Accounting 50 ECTS
Management Accounting 25 ECTS
KATLAP11 Introduction to Management Accounting, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATLAA12 Management Accounting, 10 ECTS (1.spr)
KATLAA14 Introduction to Knowledge Production, 5 ECTS (3.aut)
Financial Accounting 25 ECTS
KATLAP21 Introduction to Financial Accounting, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATLAA22 Introduction to Bookkeeping, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATLAA23 Financial Accounting and Reporting, 10 ECTS (2.aut)
KATLAA24 Auditing I, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Corporate Finance 5–15 ECTS
0–15 ECTS
KATRAP11 Introduction to Corporate Finance, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATRAA12 Financial Management, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
Specialising studies in business law and tax law 55–65 ECTS
Introductory Legal Studies 20 ECTS
KATYVP11 Introduction to Legal System, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATYVA12 Introduction to Business Law, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATYVA13 Introduction to Tax Law, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
HALJUA14 Introduction to Public Law, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
Legal Operational Environment of Business 20 ECTS
KATYVA21 Contract Law, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATYVA22 Income Taxation of Individuals Income, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA23 Company Law, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA24 Business Taxation, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Specialising studies in Business Law 25–45 ECTS
KATYVA33 Competition Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA34 Law of Banking, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA35 Corporate Finance Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA37 Law of Civil Servants and Labour, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA38 International Business Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
KATYVA39 Foreign Trade and Transport Law, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Specialising Studies in Tax Law 25 ECTS
KATYVA41 Value Added Taxation, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATYVA45 Practical Course of Tax Law, 5 ECTS (3.spr)
Bachelor's seminar and thesis in business studies 10 ECTS
KATLAA99 Seminar and Bachelor Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATMAA99 Seminar and Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATTAA90 Seminar and Bachelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut)
KATVAA90 Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.aut / 3.spr)
KATJOA99 Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis, 10 ECTS (3.spr)
KATYVA99 Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar, 10 ECTS (3.aut)
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