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Optional studies, 38–44 op

Learning outcomes

The quantity of optional studies varies depending on your personal study plan. You may even take more than the minimum of optional studies. You are advised to select courses that you consider best to develop your professional skills and expertise.


The most useful optional studies in a bioinformatics degree would be selected from bioinformatics and computational biology (e.g. some of the courses listed below), computer science or mathematics.



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Biolääketieteellisen teknologian yksikkö
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Optional studies

BIO4460 Journal Club, 2 ECTS
BIO4350 Protein Modelling, 6 ECTS
BIO4380 Bioinformatics Project, 1–6 ECTS
BTK4330 Molecular Virology, 7 ECTS
BTK4510 Nanobiotechnologies, 4 ECTS
BTK4360 Research Examination, 6 ECTS
BTK4410 Cancer Biology, 4 ECTS
BTK4500 Immunology, 4 ECTS
BTK4100 BioBusiness I, 4 ECTS
BTK4110 BioBusiness II, 4 ECTS
BTK4340 Developmental Biology, 7 ECTS
Biolääketieteellisen teknologian yksikkö