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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Advanced studies in Management and Organisations, 80–100 ECTS


Numeric 1-5.

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Advanced studies in Management and Organisations

KATJOS10 Leadership 5–20 ECTS
KATJOS11 Current Trends in Leadership, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATJOS12 Strategic Leadership, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
KATVAS11 Ethical Leadership, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATJOS13 Management Communication, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATJOS20 Business Management 5–15 ECTS
KATJOS21 Strategic Management, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATJOS22 Business Competence, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
KATVAS12 Stakeholder Theory and Management, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
KATJOS30 Organisations 5–10 ECTS
KATJOS31 Organization Theory, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Master's thesis and seminar 40 ECTS
KATJOS99 Master's Thesis and Seminar, 40 ECTS (2.aut / 2.spr)
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