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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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General Linguistics


Numeric 1-5.

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General Linguistics

Intermediate Studies in General Linguistics 35 ECTS
YKIEA01 Phonology and Morphology II, 3–5 ECTS
YKIEA02 Syntax and Grammatical Theory, 3–5 ECTS
YKIEA03 Semantics and Pragmatics II, 3–5 ECTS
YKIEA04 Proseminar, 5 ECTS
YKIEA05 The Classics in Linguistics, 3–5 ECTS
A08 Special Fields 3–10 ECTS
3–10 ECTS
YKIEA8A Bilingualism, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8R Evolution of Language, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8B Language and Gender, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8C Corpus Linguistics, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8E History of Linguistics, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8F Psycholinguistics, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8K Discourse Analysis, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8Q Conversation Analysis, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8M Philosophy of Language, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8U Language Typology, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8V Cognitive Linguistics, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8Y Translation Theory, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8DB Lexicography, 3 ECTS
YKIEA8I Pragmatics, 3 ECTS
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies