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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Finnish Language, Culture and Society, 25–29 ECTS


Numeric 1-5.

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Finnish Language, Culture and Society

Basic Studies 25–29 ECTS
SKKYP3 Finnish Culture and Society 8 ECTS
SKKYP3B Finnish Literature, 2–4 ECTS
SKKYP3C Finnish Arts, 2–4 ECTS
SKKYP3E Finnish Economy, 2–4 ECTS
SKKYP3F Political Life in Finland, 2–4 ECTS
SKKYP3G Optional, 2–4 ECTS
SKKYP4 Pronunciation Exercises 0–4 ECTS
0–4 ECTS
SKKYP4A Pronunciation I, 1 ECTS
SKKYP4B Pronunciation II, 1 ECTS
SKKYP4C Pronunciation III, 1 ECTS
SKKYP4D Pronunciation IV, 1 ECTS
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies