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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Information Law, 15–25 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Information law is concerned with legal problems pertaining to the production, processing and dissemination of information likewise information technology and information markets. It is concerned more widely with the legal border conditions of the information society. The widespread adoption of information technology and its importance in society further increase the need for legal arrangements for its use, thus the importance of information law in the development of the information society is set to grow. Studies in information law have been established to respond to the needs for teaching in the rules of play for the information society. The aim of the studies offered is to provide a general idea of the legal provisions addressing the production and processing of information. Subject areas include basis issues in information law, electronic communication with officials, data security, issues in data protection and the protection of privacy.

Studies in information law are geared especially to those studying social sciences, information sciences, economics and administrative sciences. However they are also appropriate as freely selected minor subject studies. These studies enable both minor subject students and those majoring in legal studies to specialise in issues of information law.


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