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Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures, 25 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures (25 ECTS) is a study program offered by Marketing. The goal of Asian Studies is to get the students acquainted with the history, business cultures and most important principles and operation modes of business in the Asia-Pacific Region. The focus of the program and its different courses is both in the macro and micro level. Strong emphasis is given for marketing, juridical, regional, economic, environmental, ethical and administrative aspects of Asian business. All the courses are voluntary and they can be connected to one part of the Bachelor of Business Administration.


Courses in Asian Studies are as follows (35 ECTS):

ASIAB001 Introduction to Asia as a Business Area 5 ECTS, 2010-11 and 2011-12
ASIAB002 Greater China as a Business Area 5 ECTS *), 2011-12
ASIAB003 South-East Asia as a Business Area 5 ECTS, 2010-11
ASIAB004 Japan as a Business Area 5 ECTS, 2010-11 and 2011-12
ASIAI001 Social and Environmental Issues in Asia-Pacific 5 ECTS, 2010-11
ASIAI002 Asian Business Cultures and Negotiation Styles 5 ECTS, 2010-11 and 2011-12
ASIAI003 Legal Aspects of Asian Business 5 ECTS *), 2011-12

*) These courses will not be organized during academic year 2010-11.

It is recommended that the course ’Introduction to Asia as a Business Area’ would be passed before entering other courses because this course gives insight to the whole Asia-Pacific area and its 25 countries/regions. According to experience, it is easier for the students to understand the contents and emphasis of other courses, as they have acquired fundamental basic knowledge on the region itself.


Numeric 1-5.


The program is mainly targeted for the students at the School of Management but also for other regular students at the University of Tampere and for our foreign students at different schools. The whole program or some courses of that is also open for the students at other Finnish universities (JOO-students).

Asian courses apply especially for the students of business administration, economics, regional sciences, geography, environmental sciences, international politics, engineering and cultural sciences, and, for exchange students, too.

Further information

All Asian courses will be taught in English. For all the students, it is optional to pass the whole program or to choose individual courses of the program. However, the students have to pass at least five courses (25 ECTS) to earn the total mark for the whole Asian Studies program.

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Asian Studies in Business and Business Cultures

ASIAB004 Japan as a Business Area, 5 ECTS
School of Management