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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2011–2012
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1. Advanced courses in M.Sc. programme in User Interface Software Development, 80 op


Advanced courses must be discussed with the professor in advance. Advanced studies consist of three parts:
1.1 Compulsory advanced courses in user interface software development, at least 30 ECTS from the following core courses:
• VTEKS301 Design and Development of Speech Interfaces, 8 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS115 Introduction to Information Visualization, 3 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS112 Information Visualization Project Work, 5 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS105 New Interaction Techniques, 5 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS213 Haptic User Interfaces, 5-8 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS114 Implementation of New Interaction Techniques, 10 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS106 Research project in Human-Computer Interaction, 2-8 ECTS (available in English)
• TKOPS116 Software architectures, 6 ECTS
• VTEKS400 Seminar (in Interactive Technology) 2-10 ECTS
• VTEKS127 Laboratory measurement of human behaviour, 6 ECTS
• VTEKS122 Cross-cultural design (TUT/IHTE), 3 ECTS
• VTEKS119 Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction (TUT/IHTE), 2–4 ECTS
• VTEKS121 Käyttäjäkokemuksen arviointi ja suunnittelu (TTY/IHTE), 4 ECTS

1.2 Optional advanced courses in computer science or interactive technology, 10 ECTS
• VTEKS101 Groupware, 3-6 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS116 Book exam in Interactive Technology, 4-12 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS117 Introduction to experimental research in Interactive Technology, 6 ECTS (available in English)
• VTEKS118 Current research trends in Human-Computer Interaction, 3-5 ECTS (available in English)
• TKOPS128 Computer graphics, 10 ECTS
• TKOPS124 Artifical intelligence programming, 6-10 ECTS
• TKOPS143 Pattern recognition, 6 ECTS
• TKOPS144 Digital image processing, 6 ECTS
• TKOPS115 Neurocomputing, 6 ECTS
• TKOPS146 Open source and software quality, 5 ECTS (available in English)

1.3 Master’s Thesis 40 ECTS with a topic related to a field of this M.Sc. programme.


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1. Advanced courses in M.Sc. programme in User Interface Software Development

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