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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
1. Advanced courses in M.Sc. programme in Software Development, 80 ECTS


Advanced courses must be discussed with the professor in advance. Advanced studies consist of two parts:
1.1 Compulsory advanced courses in software development 40 ECTS including the courses (all available in English):
• TKOPS118 Theory of Software Project Management, 3 ECTS
• TKOPS117 Software Project Management, 6-12 ECTS
• TKOPS301 Requirements Engineering, 5 ECTS
• TKOPS407 Seminar “Software development”, 4 ECTS

The rest of the compulsory courses should be selected from the following courses:

1. Courses given in English, available every year
• TKOPS148 Introduction to Formal Specification, 5-8 ECTS
• TKOPS131 Research Project, 3-10 ECTS

2. Courses given in English, available every other year
• TKOPS121 Design and Implementation Of Concurrency, 6–10 ECTS
• TKOPS139 Software Product Line Engineering, 5 ECTS
• TKOPS140 Testing, Security and Trust, 5 ECTS
• TKOPS303 Metamodelling for Software Development, 5 ECTS
• TKOPS146 Open Source and Software Quality, 5 ECTS
• TKOPS147 Software Tools and Evaluation, 5 ECTS

3. Courses given in Finnish, an arrangement may exist to do the course in English
• TKOPS114 Logic Programming, 10 ECTS
• TKOPS124 Artificial Intelligence Programming, 6-10 ECTS
• TKOPS116 Software Architectures, 6 ECTS

4. Courses not given regularly
• TKOPS119 Principles of Object-Oriented Programming Languages, 4 ECTS
• TKOPS400 Seminar, 2-10 ECTS
• TKOPS142 Selected Topics in Software Engineering, 2-6 ECTS (available in English)

Also, TUT may make available courses that can be used in the MSc program. Separate notice will be given about those courses.

1.2 Master’s Thesis 40 ECTS with a topic related to a field of this M.Sc. programme.


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