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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Language and Communication Studies (MSc programmes given in English), 12 ECTS


English language studies 6 ECTS
– English language assesment test
– English language studies 3-6 ECTS (according to the assessment test)
All new Master programme students are tested by the UTA Language Center using the Oxford
Quick Placement Test. All programme students are to take Introduction to Thesis Writing
3 ECTS. Another course unit in English (English Oral Skills and Writing Course – Information
Sciences 3 ECTS) must be taken if the test result shows it to be necessary.

Finnish language and Intercultural Communication studies 6-8 ECTS
Elementary level Finnish course units 6 ECTS (Finnish as a foreign language: Elementary
Course 1 and 2, or higher level) or either one of the following options:
– Finnish as a foreign language: Elementary Course 1 3 ECTS, and Introduction to Intercultural
Communication 5 ECTS, or
– Finnish as a foreign language: Elementary Course 1 3 ECTS, and a language course (student’s
mother tongue and English excluded) 3 ECTS.

Finnish students are requested to take Language studies (English excluded), Communication
studies, or Intercultural Communication studies in such a way that the extent of these studies is
a minimum of 6 ECTS. Finnish students may take also Finnish or Swedish.

Swedish language studies (Finnish students only) 3 ECTS
Finnish students who have not taken for their Bachelor’s degree studies in the Swedish language
are requested to take
– Ruotsin kielen kirjallinen ja suullinen viestintä informaatiotieteilijöille 3 op

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