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Intercultural Communication Studies program, 25 ECTS


The Intercultural Communication Studies program is an international, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and multilingual program offered by the Language Centre in collaboration with other departments of the University of Tampere.

It is designed to complement language and communication skills courses, and thereby increase intercultural communication competence. The program is open to students of all faculties, and it has also been approved as a
minor subject by some faculties. The courses are taught mainly in English to encourage the participation of international students and promote interaction between them and Finnish students.

The Intercultural Communication Studies program consists of basic compulsory courses on intercultural communication
theory and practice, followed by a choice of courses on various cultures, skills and practical applications.
Some of the culture specific courses are taught in the language of the culture concerned. There is also a small
language component to encourage students to become familiar with a less commonly taught language.

The program operates:
1) as an independent program which can be taken as a minor subject if the faculty approves
2) as an option from which separate components can be chosen
Target groups:
Finnish students, international students, and university personnel of both the University of Tampere and Tampere
University of Technology.
Language of instruction:
English is the most commonly used language, but in the appropriate parts, other languages have their place.
Students are encouraged to create a multilingual package from courses in different languages.
Extent of the program: 25 ECTS credits
Program Coordinator: Nancy Aalto, phone 3551 6380, email: nancy.aalto@uta.fi. Any questions concerning
the Intercultural Communication Studies program can be directed to Nancy Aalto: office hour Wednesdays
14.15-15.00 and by appointment.
Examiner: Ewald Reuter, phone: 3551 6147, email: ewald.reuter@uta.fi

See more information here: http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/kielikeskus/opas/inter.html


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