Professional and Transferable Skills, 10 op

Learning outcomes

Upon copletion of this study module the student:
- knows how to apply their knowledge-based academic expertise in various working life situations
- is able to apply intercultural communication skills.
- is familiar with the requirements of project management
- has learned to develop personal strategies for information and knowledge management
- knows basic negotiations and mediations skill and skill needed for dialogue
- knows the practices of unarmed civil protection


During this practically oriented study module students will gain, identify and develop the general professional and transferable skills that they need in the working life and that increase their employability. Students are familiarized with various skills required from academic professionals in contemporary working life. The study module includes several courses during which students get to practice and develop their skills.

- Mediation and negotiation
- Project management
- Unarmed civil protection
- Intercultural communication and dialogue
- Conflict analysis

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Professional and Transferable Skills

Students can complete PEACE033 and/or PEACE047 or some other courses listed yearly in the teaching schedule.
PEACE033 Optional internship, 5–10 ECTS
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