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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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Other research- and expertise-related studies, 40 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course unit, the student will have a deep understanding of their own field of study. The student will be capable of research work in concordance with good academic conduct. They will be able to apply the basic tenets of the philosophy of science into their own research. The student will be able to adopt and adapt the researching and professional skills required in research work by both partaking in the activities of the academic community and acting independently and professionally in their own research work.
After actively attending the research seminars of their doctoral programme, the student will be able to partake in academic discussion and both give and receive constructive criticism. They will have a general level of knowledge of the various fields of research in language, translation, and literary studies.


The student will devise a study and instruction plan and update it accordingly as their studies progress. For five terms, the student will regularly partake in the doctoral programme’s research seminar, present their own research work there and comment on the work of others. In addition, doctoral students of translation studies will attend the research seminar in translation studies (5-10 ECTS). The student will complete studies in research ethics (1-5 ECTS). The student will complete other research- and expertise-related studies in concordance with their study plan. It is also recommended that the student complete other studies available for doctoral students offered by the university’s Doctoral School or the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, such as courses in the philosophy of science and academic writing. This course unit can also include working for academic organisations, writing for publication, teaching, attending conferences, and taking part in other similar activities in the academic community in concordance with the student’s study plan.



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Other research- and expertise-related studies

DPLAETH Research Ethics, 1–5 ECTS
DPLA01 Doctoral Studies, 1–40 ECTS
Faculty of Communication Sciences