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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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Translation in Law and Administration, 35– ECTS

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Translation in Law and Administration study module, the student will have expertise in multilingual communications within the fields of law and administration and associated working environments. Furthermore, the student will be able to retrieve information and carry out terminology work related to the field. The student will also have good knowledge of specialised research in law and administration.


A student specialising in Translation in Law and Administration will complete 25 ECTS of compulsory course units, as well as alternative studies worth at least 10 ECTS.
Compulsory course units include the following: MVKS57 Texts and Translating in Law and Administration (5 ECTS); MVKS11 User-Centred Translation (5 ECTS); MVKS26 Terminology Work (5 ECTS); and Law and Administration Translation Seminars into both A and B working languages (5+5 ECTS).
The student must complete at least two 5 ECTS course units from alternative studies, one of which must belong to the Law and Administration alternative studies. The other course unit can be an alternative course unit outside Translation in Law and Administration.

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