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Advanced Studies in Big Data Analytics, 85 op

Learning outcomes

The advanced studies in Computational Big Data Analytics make the student familiar with statistical and computational methods suitable for big data analytics, so that the student can choose suitable data analysis methods for each analysis task at hand, apply these methods to analyze the data, and use efficient computational and statistical methods to manage and analyze big data.

The available advanced studies include teaching computational and statistical analysis methods for several kinds of data and several analysis tasks, methods that are necessary for integrating data from different data sources during data preprocessing and/or analysis, and methods for visualizing the data / analysis results.


Compulsory courses and courses in Methods of Computational and Statistical Data-Analytics.


Numeric 1-5.

Belongs to following modules

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Advanced Studies in Big Data Analytics

Advanced Courses in Methods of Computational Data Analytics 20– ECTS
TIETS01 Algorithms, 5 ECTS
TIETS07 Neurocomputing, 5 ECTS
TIETS11 Data Mining, 5 ECTS
TIETS31 Knowledge Discovery, 5–10 ECTS
TIETS43 Recommender Systems, 5 ECTS
Advanced Courses in Methods of Statistical Data Analytics 25– ECTS
Compulsory Courses 5–15 ECTS
5–15 ECTS
One or more of the following three courses.
Optional Courses 10–20 ECTS
10–20 ECTS
Sufficient amount of credits from the courses below.
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