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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2017–2019
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POLVOA30 Political Institutions and Decision-making, 10 op

Learning outcomes

After completing the module the student is familiar with the different meanings of the concept of institution, with the structural and functional principles of different political systems as well as with the principal doctrines of political decision-making. The student also understands the principles of different forms of governance and theories of democracy.

The student understands the societal positions of governmental institutions and is able to differentiate between the interactions of political powers and governmental institutions. The student is also able to compare political systems and knows the basic principles of functioning of the political systems in the Finnish and European states. Furthermore, the student is able to consider political decision-making as a process which starts with the politicisation of an issue and goes on with the preparation, decision-making and implementation of the decision.


The module is divided into two course units. The first, Political Institutions and Processes (5 ECTS), is about political institutions, processes and political decision-making. The second, Comparative European Politics and the Finnish Political System (5 ECTS), compares the political systems of the European countries and analyses Nordic and Finnish politics in more detail.

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Political Institutions and Decision-making