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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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European Integration, Advanced Studies, 20–35 ECTS

Learning outcomes

After having completed the module, the student has an in-depth knowledge of recent research and academic literature on European integration from several disciplines, and is able critically to assess it. She/he is able to analyse the internal integration of the EU and the external relations integration from different points of view. She/he has gained a thorough understanding of the political, juridical and economic dimensions of integration and is able to apply relevant theoretical and methodological approaches to her/his own research themes.


Theories of and research on European integration in the fields of politics, economy and law; regional integration in the EU and elsewhere, EU external relations.


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

The student can also include one course unit on European studies not listed here, upon agreement with the professor in charge.

Teacher in charge: Jean Monnet Professor Hanna Ojanen.

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Faculty of Management
Faculty of Management
Thematic modules (Common Core Studies / JKK)
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European Integration, Advanced Studies

In order to complete the module, students must take the minimum of four course units (20 ECTS).
POLVOS22 The European Union, 10 ECTS
HALJUS15 European Public Law, 5 ECTS
KATYVS44 European Tax Law, 5 ECTS
Faculty of Management