Fundamentals for research process, 20 ECTS

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Faculty of Management
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Fundamentals for research process

Obligatory Studies 10 ECTS
HALTVP11 Managing Research Process, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
MTTTP1 Introduction to statistics, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
Alternative Studies 10 ECTS
5–10 ECTS
HALTVA12 Practicum in Research Methodology, 10 ECTS (2.aut / 2.spr)
HALJUA13 Introduction to Legal Research, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
HALJUA19 Practicum in Public Law, 5 ECTS (2.spr)
HALTVA15 Specified Methodology Courses, 5–10 ECTS
Faculty of Management