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Advanced Studies, 25 op

Learning outcomes

Specialisation in Governance for Sustainable Change (25 ECTS)

The Administrative Sciences specialisation provides students with sound academic skills for anticipating, analysing and responding to the complex, dynamic challenges facing contemporary public sector organisations and institutions. Key topics covered by the specialisation include governance in the context of public sector reforms, changing modes of public service delivery, and evidence-based policy making. A cross-cutting theme of the specialisation is the role of public governance in fostering socially, ecologically and economically sustainable societies.

The specialisation considers governance challenges at local, regional, national and international levels and offers students the opportunity to specialise in issues best responding to their particular interests. The teaching faculty comprise distinguished experts in the fields of public administration and management as well as environmental and regional policy.

Specialisation in Politics in Wider Europe (25 ECTS)

The specialisation in politics gives students a solid academic basis to understand the interaction of political processes at local, national, regional, international and global levels. The focus is on analysing and leading change with regard to political participation and decision-making, dynamics of integration and disintegration, international security issues as well as questions of political economy and governance.

Students of the specialisation have the opportunity to specialise in these questions in the context of the EU and European politics, EU-Russian relations as well as the political dynamics of Northern Europe and Wider Europe. The teaching staff of the politics specialisation comprises several internationally esteemed experts in the field of European and Russian politics.

Students specialising in politics and international relations also have the opportunity to apply to the Cross-Border International Relations double degree programme organised in cooperation with two well-known Russian universities, St. Petersburg State University and Petrozavodsk State University.

Specialisation in Sustainable Business Management (25 ECTS)

The business specialisation provides students with an in-depth understanding of managing change in contemporary business landscape. Students will explore how societal and technological changes redefine the boundaries of and possibilities for the sustainable renewal of business value creation and innovations. Focus will be placed on understanding the challenges and opportunities business organisations face when trying to create sustainable solutions for future businesses. Students will learn to develop current and create future business concepts in a sustainable way for the benefit of customers, employees and owners as well as other stakeholders and society at large.

The business specialisation consists of studies in management and organisations, economics and risk management, customer oriented marketing and management accounting as well as in responsible business. The teaching faculty comprise leading Finnish and international scholars in corresponding fields.


The advanced studies consist of the specialisation-specific module (25 ECTS) and of the master's thesis and seminar (40 ECTS).


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