Open University Studies
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Open University Studies

Administrative Studies
Intermediate studies in administrative studies
Business Studies
Intermediate studies in business studies
Customer-Oriented Marketing 5–15 ECTS
KATMAA12 Marketing Communications, 5 ECTS
KATMAA13 Service Marketing, 5 ECTS
KATMAA14 Consumer Behavior, 5 ECTS
Spesialising Studies in Economics 5–40 ECTS
Core Courses of Economics 5–25 ECTS
KATTAA21 Econometrics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA12A Microeconomics I, 5 ECTS
KATTAA12B Microeconomics II, 5 ECTS
KATTAA13A Macroeconomics I, 5 ECTS
KATTAA13B Macroeconomics II, 5 ECTS
Field Courses in Economics 5–10 ECTS
KATTAA31 Public Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA35 International Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA37 Monetary Economics, 5 ECTS
KATTAA01 Mathematical Economics I, 5 ECTS
Studies in Politics
Thematic modules
Corporate Finance 5–20 ECTS
KATYVA24 Business Taxation, 5 ECTS
KATYVA34 Law of Banking, 5 ECTS
KATYVA35 Corporate Finance Law, 5 ECTS
Faculty of Management