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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2015–2017
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Knowledge, business and work in a digital society, 0–25 op

Learning outcomes

The module supports developing the kind of knowledge and expertise needed in the digitalized work life:
-Students recognize the multi-disciplinary nature of digitalization and master the key concepts related to the phenomenon.
-Students know the possibilities and restrictions of technological changes both from the individual and institutional perspectives.
-Students understand the basic forms of knowledge-based value creation and possess tools for managing these value creation processes.


The module provides a wide view to ongoing digitalization. The introduction course approaches the phenomenon from the perspectives of information sciences, business and management as well as public administration and politics. After the introduction, the student can have a personal emphasis by selecting the most suitable courses for his/her interests from the offerings of three universities. After completing the module, students are able to conceptualize the ongoing digital transformation, understand its impacts on business and society and are equipped with tools necessary when operating and managing in a digital society.

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