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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Basic and intermediate studies in Physics (2016-2017), 60 ECTS


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Basic and intermediate studies in Physics (2016-2017)

Intermediate Studies in Physics 35 ECTS
Compulsory Intermediate Studies 31 ECTS
FYSI1320 Methods in Physics, 5 ECTS
FYSI1340 Thermal Physics, 5 ECTS
FYSI1350 Nanophysics, 3 ECTS
FYSI1400 Optics, 5 ECTS
FYSI1730 History of Physics, 3 ECTS
Other Intermediate Studies 4– ECTS
FYSI1370 Statistical physics, 3 ECTS
FYSI1550 Physics Seminar, 1–3 ECTS
FYSI1610 Quantum Mechanics I, 5 ECTS
FYSI1620 Solid-State Physics, 3 ECTS
FYSI1670 Astrophysics, 3 ECTS
FYSI1850 Special Assignment in Physics, 3–12 ECTS
FYSI3100 Aerosol Physics, 5 ECTS
FYSI4090 Computational Physics, 5 ECTS
FYSI5206 Optical spectroscopy, 5 ECTS
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