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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Free Choice Studies, 25 ECTS


Through free choice studies students can develop a unique profile to their studies based on individual interests.

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Free Choice Studies

Leadership students have the opportunity to freely choose available UTA courses based on individual interest. Finnish language courses are strongly recommended for non-Finns. Below we have listed some suitable UTA courses and study modules that may be chosen.
LFCS05 Internship, 10 ECTS
JKKYINA11 Demola-Project Work I, 5 ECTS
European Integration 20 ECTS
HALKAS14 Europe in Transition, 5 ECTS
HALJUA24 European Union Law, 5 ECTS
HALJUA42 Human Rights Law, 5 ECTS
HALEUA11 EU Financial Management, 5 ECTS
Security Governance 25 ECTS
HALTUS21 Security Governance, 10 ECTS
HALTUS15 Crisis Management, 10 ECTS
School of Management