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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Open University Studies
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Open University Studies

Bachelor's Programme in Social Sciences 5–60 ECTS
Basic Studies in Social Sciences 25 ECTS
YKYYHT2 Measuring society, 5 ECTS
SOS4 Sosiaalitieteiden alat I 10 op
2 elements from below
SOS4.1 Social Policy, 5 ECTS
SOS4.2 Social Psychology, 5 ECTS
SOS4.3 Sociology, 5 ECTS
SOS4.4 Gender Studies, 5 ECTS
SOS4.5 Social Anthropology, 5 ECTS
YKYT Yhteiskunta- ja kulttuuritieteiden teemat, avoin yliopisto-opetus 5–400 op
Joint Studies / YKY 5–25 ECTS
YKYYHT2 Measuring society, 5 ECTS
YKYYHT5 Global World, 5 ECTS
Open University Studies offered in English in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities 5– ECTS
Course units offered in English
N.B. Not all course units are offered as taught courses every academic year. Please check the teaching schedule for current course information.
YKYYKV1 Finnish Society and Culture, 3–5 ECTS
SOSKV3 Gender in Society, 5 ECTS
FILKV1 Topics in Philosophy, 5 ECTS
Book exams and essays
Course units and modules that are not offered in English as contact teaching, but can be studied independently by taking a book exam/writing an essay. Please see further information by clicking on the course link.
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