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DPJKKPS Research seminar for postgraduate studies, 10 ECTS

Learning outcomes

A postgraduate seminar prepares a postgraduate student to compile, present and comment a scientific presentation. The seminar also prepares the student to defence her/his own research work and also edit her/his work after the received feedback.


Postgraduate students will be required to participate actively in the postgraduate seminars of their own subjects and/research groups. It is permissible to include in studies taken attendance at the public examinations of doctoral dissertations or licentiate seminars, likewise at national and international seminars, when a report on such attendance should be produced.

The postgraduate plan and the progress of the research work are to be presented regularly at postgraduate seminars as agreed with the supervisor.

The research plan of licentiateĀ“s thesis or doctoral dissertation is accepted in a postgraduate seminar in the subject.

A postgraduate student has an opportunity to rehearse the public examination by presenting and defencing her/his dissertation in a postgraduate seminar before the official public defence.

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School of Management
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Research seminar for postgraduate studies

DPJKKPS DPJKKPS Research seminar, 10 ECTS
School of Management