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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Doctor of Social Sciences, 240 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Postgraduate studies endeavour to ensure that those working towards postgraduate degrees are thoroughly familiar with their own field of research and science and acquire the skill of scientific writing, likewise methodological and theoretical capabilities.


Postgraduate studies comprise a minimum of 60 credits in 1) studies orientating to research, 2) methodological studies, 3) content studies(studies supporting the development of the postgraduate student´s scientific professionalism) and 4) postgraduate seminars/research seminars. For doctoral degrees a doctoral dissertation which is to be publicly defended is required. For licentiates degrees a licentiate’s thesis is required.

In co-operation with the supervisor postgraduates are required to make a supervisory agreement and study plan for doctoral studies. The purpose of this agreement is to record the content and timetable of each individual student’s doctoral project and to agree the responsibilities and duties of the student (supervisee) and the supervisor(s).

Studies forming part of postgraduate studies can be taken not only on courses offered in the postgraduate’s own subject but also on courses of the School and the University of Tampere doctoral school. Studies on PhD-level also in other domestic and foreign universities can be included to one´s doctoral studies.

It is recommended that at least some of the postgraduate studies should be taken abroad on student exchange programmes or on other international courses in postgraduate education.

Postgraduate studies can be taken in the manner agreed with the supervisor, for example in the form of written work, examinations, by participating in appropriate postgraduate training events or in researcher training abroad or by authoring scientific publications or conference presentations. The supervisor of the research will approve the studies and enter them in the study register.


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Doctor of Social Sciences

DPJKKPB Methodological Studies 15 ECTS
TAYJ12 Research Ethics, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ11 Philosophy of Science, 1–10 ECTS
DPJKKPC Content studies 30 ECTS
DPJKKP40 Content Studies, 1–30 ECTS
DPJKKPL The licentiate’s thesis 90 ECTS
DPJKKPL The licentiate’s thesis, 90 ECTS
DPJKKPV Dissertation 180 ECTS
DPJKKPV Dissertation, 180 ECTS
School of Management