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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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DPCMTJ1 Research seminar, 10 ECTS

Learning outcomes

After completing the research seminar, the students have a multifaceted understanding of the field of communications, media, music and theatre research. They have a broad-based understanding of the scientific approaches to research, the research methods and the related analysis methods, and an ability to place themselves as a part of multidisciplinary research. They are able to meet different kinds of approaches and refine the uniqueness of their own approach in a dialogue with others. The students have mastered the expert task-related skill of listening, discussing, offering feedback and arguing in a multidisciplinary environment.


Active participation in the School’s research seminar and acting in the scientific community. Participating in the information events and briefings arranged for doctoral students as well as joint seminar days. Every doctoral student must present his or her research at least twice in the School’s joint seminar.

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School of Communication, Media and Theatre
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School of Communication, Media and Theatre