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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Advanced Studies in Global and Transnational Studies, 80 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the advanced studies, students will:
• command a critical working knowledge of theories of globalization and transnationalism
• possess in-depth knowledge in their own area of specialization
• be able to ask and respond to significant and critical questions in the field
• confidently deliver presentations in their area of specialization in the context of global & transnational studies
• be fully competent in a range of qualitative research methods, including researching relevant literature, identifying and collecting relevant data, and producing quality analyses conforming to academic conventions
• have the ability to work independently and in groups


Programme-specific studies will build a broad appreciation of current literature in a range of social and policy settings, as well as in-depth knowledge of a chosen area of research. Students will gain particular competency in using and developing sociological neoinstitutionalism and world society theory. In addition, they will receive world-class and broad-based training on qualitative research methods. While these skills will be valuable to students in many careers, including further academic training, they will also be actively put to use in the Programme. Advanced studies will be research-intensive, and in addition to lectures by core and visiting faculty, students will participate actively in research seminars in all programme-specific courses. These courses will involve real-world, cutting-edge research examples, drawn from on-going research by active scholars in the School and international partners. Students will engage with the latest research in a number of important social arenas. Emphasis will be placed on the Master’s thesis, developing a student’s exceptional competence and contribution in a relevant area of choice. Throughout the course, students will be closely involved with the international Tampere research group on Cultural and Political Sociology, while also engaging with scholars across the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Students will also be encouraged to engage with and attend a menu of courses available across the university and operated jointly with the University of Helsinki.


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Advanced Studies in Global and Transnational Studies

Programme Specific Studies 40 ECTS
Students of the Master's Programme in Global and Transnational Studies are required to complete GTS2-GTS4 (10 ECTS each). In addition, they must complete elective courses worth a minimum of 10 ECTS.
School of Social Sciences and Humanities