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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Optional and Other Studies in Human-Technology Interaction programme, 18–39 ECTS

Learning outcomes

After finishing the study module of optional studies the student has broadened the skills and knowledge obtained during the compulsory studies of the programme. Optional studies enable the student to gain skills and knowledge according to the student's own targets.


Optional and other studies module consists of complementing and optional courses. For complementing studies, see the prerequisites of the program.

This module may consist of optional studies of other degree programmes, internship, intermediate and advanced level studies of Human-Technology Interaction or Computer Science, optional language and communication studies, or complementing studies.

Basic studies of Computer Sciences (TIEP1-TIEP5) may not be include in the M.Sc. Degree.

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Optional and Other Studies in Human-Technology Interaction programme

Opitional studies can be selected for example from the following:
TIEA0 Internship, 2–10 ECTS
School of Information Sciences