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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2015–2017
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HEAFC Free Choice Studies, 10 op

Learning outcomes

With her/his choices in the Optional studies category the student widens and/or deepens his/her knowledge.


Students may select courses from the School of Health Sciences, other schools at the University of Tampere or from elsewhere, e.g. the UNIPID-network. A list of available options will be prepared in the beginning of each Academic Year. Students can also propose courses outside the list in this category. A set of book exams will be offered continuously at the School of health Sciences but other courses will vary based on availability.

Belongs to following modules

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Free Choice Studies

TERVAL4 Ageing as a Social Phenomenon, 4–6 ECTS
HEAFC01 Sociology of Health, 4 ECTS
TERKVTUT International Tutoring, 2 ECTS
TERTUTVA Being a tutor in charge, 3 ECTS
TERVAIHT Studying Abroad, 2–4 ECTS
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