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Advanced Studies in Health Sciences, 95–105 op


After the successful completion of the advanced studies the student will understand the factors affecting aetiology, incidence, and prevalence of major health problems in the population. The student will be able to apply analytic tools to describe public/international health problems. He/she will develop skills to conduct public health research and can assess and produce research findings on health and illness. The student will develop an understanding of global health problems which are tackled by multicultural organisations and comprehend the health effects of globalization and the challenges it poses to health care.


Numerolla 1-5.

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Advanced Studies in Health Sciences

Master Thesis and Seminar 40 ECTS
HEAAMTS1 Master's Thesis Seminar I, 2 ECTS
HEAAMT Master's Thesis, 30 ECTS
Work Practicum 0–10 op
HEAAWP01 Work Practicum, long, 10 ECTS
HEAAWP02 Work Practicum, short, 5 ECTS
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