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Advanced Studies, 80 op

Learning outcomes

Student is cognizant of key concepts and terms related to international and global conflict transformation and resolution, for example, collective security and human security, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, mediation, human rights and responsibility to protect.
Student gains an understanding of the linkages and interrelationships between the causes of armed conflicts, the ways of preventing and resolving them and the varieties of peace.
Students gain understanding on the above-mentioned issues through the following themes:
-Peacebuilding and conflict resolution
-Peace mediation
-Gender and conflicts
-Politics of identity and memory
-Visual peace
-Environmental security
-Transnational mobility


Advanced studies are divided to studies in peace and conflict research and thesis studies. The first includes an introductory course and selected thematic courses. The second includes thesis specific studies within which the student is planning his/her thesis and is specializing in a chosen thematic topic.


Numeric 1-5.

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Advanced Studies

Studies in Peace and Conflict Research 20 ECTS
Students must complete 20 ECTS of this study module. This study module consists of variety of courses on cutting edge research topics in the field of peace and conflict research. The courses can be selected from a course list published every year (including the courses below).
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