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General studies, 4–22 op

Learning outcomes

The aim of the General Studies is to help the student to start the studies and to finish them successfully. The courses in this category are assigned individually based on each students educational history in accordance with the personal study plan.

After completing General studies, the student can:
- understand what it takes to study at university level; the student knows the structure of the Master's degree programme and how to plan the studies independently and responsibly and realizes the importance of his/her independent work in progressing in studies
- successfully carry out their studies in a Finnish University following good scientific conduct.
- learn how to communicate in academic and working life and how to develop these skills independently.


The courses in the general studies cover topics such as orientation, study skills and study planning (including writing a personal study plan and a course of information literacy offered by the library) which are recommended for all new students. The scientific writing course is compulsory for those that do not have these skills included in their previous degree. For foreign students an elementary course in Finnish language is mandatory. As optional elements a course on Finnish society and culture and courses on research ethics and good scientific conduct are offered.



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General studies

4–22 ECTS
The general studies courses are determined individually based on the student's educational background.
BIOGENC Compulsory general studies 4–12 ECTS
4–12 ECTS
Selected in accordance with the personal study plan
BIO0020 Orientation, 2 ECTS (1.aut)
KKENMP3 Scientific Writing, 5 ECTS