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Finnish for Translators I, 10 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the study module, the student
- will be able to analyse the structure of the Finnish language in relation to other languages
- will be familiar with the principles of language planning and will be able to use language guides to justify what type of language is effective and appropriate in different situations
- will understand the distinction between descriptive and normative approaches to framing language
- will be familiar with the conventions of scientific writing and will be able to apply their learning in writing their Bachelor's thesis.


A professional translator or interpreter must possess excellent knowledge of their own language and culture as well as versatile communication skills. The Finnish for Translators study module covers the basics of the structure of Finnish, editing, conventions for different types of texts, language variation, and speech communication. The aim of the study module is to strengthen the student's knowledge of the Finnish language and to develop their written and oral communication skills. Additionally, the aim is that the student will learn to continuously develop their knowledge and skills.
The Finnish for Translators study module comprises two submodules. The first, Finnish for Translators I (10 ECTS), will be completed as part of the Bachelor's degree. The second, Finnish for Translators II (10 ECTS), will be completed as part of the Master's degree.
The Finnish for Translators I study module includes two course units, each worth 5 ECTS: Introduction to Finnish for Translators and Norms and Non-Fiction Writing. Norms and Non-Fiction Writing comprises two subunits: Normative Written Finnish for Translators (3 ECTS) and Academic Writing (2 ECTS).


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

The study module is intended for students specialising in translation and interpreting. The first course unit (TRSU01) is open to all. The second course unit (TRSU02) is available for students who have been accepted into the Master's Programme in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies.

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Finnish for Translators I

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