RUST5/VENS19/20 Media Landscape in Russia: Regional Perspective 5 ECTS
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Russian Studies
Faculty of Communication Sciences

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The following course entitled Media landscape in Russia: regional perspective  is aimed at developing a wide range of skills among the students majoring in Communication, Foreign Media and Political Science. The main goal of the course  is to  introduce the students  to the main concepts and key objectives of media functioning in Russia.  Significant role will be paid to the political traditions, role of the Soviet heritage and the impact of the social and economic changes on the  system of mass media. The course suggests a combination of class discussions (12 hours), workshops (5 hours) and  one home assignment (5 hours). The students will be also expected to complete two home assignments (in the form of an essay).  

Each student is expected to complete one individual assignment in the form of an essay. Detailed topics of the assignments are presented in the discipline description. The assignments will be graded by the instructor with each student receiving appropriate notification, where a detailed feedback will be included as well as the final grade.

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Golousova Elizaveta, Teacher responsible


18-Mar-2019 – 25-Mar-2019
Lectures 12 hours
Tue 19-Mar-2019 at 16-20, Pinni B4087
Wed 20-Mar-2019 at 16-20, Pinni B4087
Thu 21-Mar-2019 at 16-18, Pinni B4087
Fri 22-Mar-2019 at 16-18, Pinni B4087