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POLKVS33 New Wars and How to Study Them (POMLFCS3) 5 ECTS
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Politiikan tutkimuksen tutkinto-ohjelma
Kansainvälinen politiikka
Faculty of Management

General description

This course explores the relationship between war and society, how this relationship is currently being transformed and the theoretical tools which can be employed to study related topics. After finishing the course students will be aware of the classic writings dealing with war; understand the developments driving the changes in war and warfare today; and be equipped with theoretical tools to independently study questions related to the issue.

The course consists of three parts. The first part introduces the students to major works of political philosophy regarding the nature of war through a series of lectures. It also provides an overview of how changes in society and technology have changed warfare throughout history. The second part deals with phenomena changing war and warfare today and in the near future. These include Kaldor’s concept of new wars, autonomous weapons, empowerment of non-state actors, cyberwarfare, the role of media etc. Students will work on a number of independent and group assignments. Finally, in the last part of the course, students are to give short presentations to the group on a selection of current approaches to studying security and war, such as critical theory, feminist and post-colonial approaches, different schools of security studies etc.

Students are expected to participate actively during lessons and finish a number of assignments. After the course, students will demonstrate capability to apply what they have learned through an essay on a topic of their own choosing. Evaluation will be based on active participation and the final essay.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Rune Saugmann, Teacher responsible
Mikko Räkköläinen, Teacher
Tapio Juntunen, Teacher


8-Apr-2019 – 10-May-2019
Lectures 12 hours
Mon 8-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Wed 10-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Fri 12-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Tue 23-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Wed 24-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Fri 26-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Mon 29-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Tue 30-Apr-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Fri 3-May-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Mon 6-May-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Wed 8-May-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Fri 10-May-2019 at 12-14, Pinni A2089
Seminar 12 hours


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

Compulsory preceding studies: POLPOP01 Introduction to International Relations, or equivalent studies at sending institution (exchange students).