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POLKVA22 Politics of Memory in Eastern Europe 5 ECTS
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Politiikan tutkimuksen tutkinto-ohjelma
Kansainvälinen politiikka
Faculty of Management

General description

The student will learn to discuss and analyse conflicts in the Eastern European and post-Soviet countries over the interpretation of historical events, most notably over the history of the Soviet Union. Taking the region of Eastern Europe as a case study, this course explores the nexus between Foreign Policy Analysis/International Relations and politics of memory. In Memory Studies, scholars study how various political actors compete over the meaning of past events embodied in various memory sites such as monuments, commemorations, museums, and history textbooks. Scholars of International Studies, on the other hand, study the external relations of a state. Therefore, we will learn how the foreign policy of a state is enacted through the memorialization of particular historical events. The production of historical narratives often serves as a mechanism of national identity construction that defines the relation of a state to other national or supranational entities.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Dr. Lina Klymenko, Teacher responsible


1-Oct-2018 – 5-Oct-2018
Lectures 15 hours
Mon 1-Oct-2018 at 10-13, Main building A2B
Tue 2-Oct-2018 at 10-13, Main building A2B
Wed 3-Oct-2018 at 10-13, Main building A2B
Thu 4-Oct-2018 at 10-13, Main building A2B
Fri 5-Oct-2018 at 10-13, Main building A32


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Text summary (25%), a (group) project (25%), and a course paper (50%). A course plan including a detailed reading list and key questions will be distributed in the first session of the course.

Study materials

Eric Langenbacher and Yossi Shain, eds., Power and the Past. Collective Memory and International Relations (Georgetown University Press, 2010)

Erica Resende and Dovile Budryte, eds., Memory and Trauma in International Relations: Theories, Cases and Debates (London: Routledge, 2013)

Jessica Auchter, The Politics of Haunting and Memory in International Relations (Routledge, 2014)

Duncan Bell, Memory, Trauma and World Politics - Reflections on the Relationship Between Past and Present (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006).

Further information

Compulsory preceding studies: POLPOP01 Introduction to International Relations, or equivalent studies at sending institution (exchange students).