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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2018–2019
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SOSM5.1 Urban Ethnography: The Social, Political and Economic Dimensions of Marginalization 5 ECTS
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Faculty of Social Sciences

Learning outcomes

General description

The course builds on lectures and readings on the dimensions of urban marginalization, and ethnographic fieldwork carried out by the students. The fieldwork will be located in a neighbourhood of Tampere.

The course requirements include reading assignments as well as ca. 300 word reflections on the reading each time; conducting the assigned fieldwork as well as ca. 600 edited field notes each time; and a presentation at the final conference, composed on the basis of the previously mentioned writing tasks. Presence in all course sessions is necessary.

Programme (venue TBA)

Jan 11 Introduction: Social Dimensions of Urban Marginalization: Lotta Junnilainen           

Jan 18 Visit to the fieldsite + Introduction to Tampere City Marginalization Indicators: Lotta Junnilainen, Liisa Häikiö, Eeva Luhtakallio, Jenni Mäki (City of Tampere)

Jan 25 Urban ethnography in practice + Planning the fieldwork: Lotta Junnilainen

Feb 1 Political Dimensions of Urban Marginalization (Reading workshop and lecture): Eeva Luhtakallio

Reading Period + Getting in to the field (3 weeks)

Feb 22 Reading workshop + How to proceed?: Lotta Junnilainen  

Fieldwork Period I (2 weeks)

March 8 Fieldwork Clinic I: Lotta Junnilainen

March 15 Economic Dimensions of Urban Marginalization (Reading workshop and lecture): Liisa Häiki

Fieldwork Period II (3 weeks)

April 5 Fieldwork Clinic II: Lotta Junnilainen 

April 12 Final Conference

Enrolment for University Studies

Max 20 students. Acceptance on the course depends on previous studies in social sciences.

Enrolment time has expired


Eeva Luhtakallio, Teacher
Liisa Häikiö, Teacher
Lotta Junnilainen, course coordinator, Contact person


11-Jan-2019 – 12-Apr-2019
Fri 11-Jan-2019 at 10-14, Linna 5016
Fri 18-Jan-2019 at 10-14
Fri 25-Jan-2019 - 1-Feb-2019 weekly at 10-14, Linna 5016
Fri 22-Feb-2019 at 10-14, Linna 5016
Fri 8-Mar-2019 - 15-Mar-2019 weekly at 10-14, Linna 5016
Fri 5-Apr-2019 - 12-Apr-2019 weekly at 10-14, Linna 5016


Numeric 1-5.