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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2018–2019
Selaat vanhentunutta opetusohjelmaa. Voimassa olevan opetusohjelman löydät täältä.
BTK4320 Protein technology 7 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Advanced studies
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Bioteknologian tutkinto-ohjelma
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course, the student has the following skills:
-Understanding covering the protein research field as an entity
-Analytical perspective for the protein expression systems and their suitability for different purposes
-Knowledge and training to prepare research plan covering protein production and protein interactions relevant for development of diagnostic tools or for industrial applications.

General description

This course provides deeper insight into the protein structure-function and how to manipulate proteins. Specific topics: Mutagenesis, protein models, directed evolution, protein expression and purification, structural biology (NMR, X-ray crystallography). Every student prepares written research plan focusing on selected topic involving protein technology.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Vesa Hytönen, Teacher responsible


22-Jan-2019 – 22-Feb-2019
Lectures 30 hours
Tue 22-Jan-2019 - 19-Feb-2019 weekly at 13.15-16.00, F212
19-Feb-2019 at 8.30 –11.00 , Arvo ML72
Thu 24-Jan-2019 - 21-Feb-2019 weekly at 13.15-16.00, F212
Independent work 100 hours
Exercises 10 hours
Protein design in silico (5 h); Enzyme engineering (5 h). (INCLUDED IN THE LECTURE SESSIONS)


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Research plan 50%

Exam 50%