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TAYJ034 Writing Research Grant Proposals 1–2 ECTS
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Doctoral School

General description

Learning outcomes: The aim of this course is to strengthen the transferable grant writing skills and increase the understanding on these skills as part of researcher’s  career. The course will give practical tips and strategies for grant writing.

After completing the course, you will

  • know basic strategic principles, how to strengthen your skills in grant writing in the academic context,
  • understand the research funding system, especially in Finland,
  • be able to identify different types of research funding opportunities for your doctoral research,
  • recognize main relevant research funding foundations in your research field,
  • be able to clarify the impact and implementation of your research from the research funding agency point of view,
  • be able to improve  your grant proposal abstract from the research funding agency point of view,
  • be able to strengthen your research networking, which will also support your grant writing skills,
  • understand better the position of mobility as the part of research grant proposal, 
  • be able to make the draft budget of your research activities for the foundation.



Part 1 - The ground for the grant writing

Part 2 - The funding sources (esp. foundations)

Part 3 – How to improve the description of impact and implementation of the research?

Part 4 – The features of good abstract of the grant proposal

Part 5 - Mobility and networking


Modes of study:

There’s two possibilities in studying this course. Online learning material will be used in both options.

Group 1) Online course, together with 3 hours introduction lectures (1 ECTS);

Group 2) Online course, together with 11 hours of contact teaching in Finnish (2 ECTS).

In both options, the participants are expected to take part in introductory lecture 12.9.2018 and complete the exercises via Moodle on time by utilizing the course materials present on the platform. The exercises include short essays, comments and quizzes.

Group size:

Group 1) online course together with 3 hours introduction available for all (introductory lecture and online course is in English language)

Group 2) online course plus contact teaching (3 hours introduction, 8 hours teaching) for 20 persons (contact teaching in autumn 2018 is in Finnish language)

Course is for UTA and TUT doctoral researchers.

Teaching schedule: 

Wed 12.9.2018, at 13-16: Introductory lecture in lecture hall Pinni B1097. Open to all.

Group 2: Contact teaching weekly on Thu 4.10-25.10.2018, at 14.15-16. Room C7 Main building.

Each of the five online course modules will last from one to two weeks. All exercises are to be returned on 1.11.2018 at the latest.

Enrolment: Via Nettiopsu. Selection method is draw for the online+contact teaching course (in Finnish, Group 2). Enrolment period 1.8.-30.8.2018.

Evaluation: Pass/fail

Evaluation criteria: Active participation in web-based working and exercises done on time.

More information: virve.kallioniemi-chambers (at) uta.fi

Enrolment for University Studies

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Virve Kallioniemi-Chambers, Teacher responsible


12-Sep-2018 – 25-Oct-2018