KASA4 Comparative Education - Lectures in English (spring) or book exam in English (autumn and spring) 5 ECTS
Implementation is also a part of open university teaching
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Kasvatustieteiden tutkinto-ohjelma
Faculty of Education

Learning outcomes

The student
- understands the significance of comparative research in the development of education theories and educational policy-making
- learns to analyse educational phenomena in an international perspective.

General description

The lectures will be held in English. The written work required at the course can be accomplished either in English or in Finnish.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Jaakko Kauko, Teacher
Iris Alves Dos Santos, Teacher
Book exam: Johanna Lätti, Teacher


20-Mar-2019 – 22-May-2019
Independent work 115 hours
Lectures 20 hours
Wed 20-Mar-2019 at 8.30-12, Virta 120
Wed 3-Apr-2019 at 8.30-12, Päätalo ls. D14
Wed 24-Apr-2019 at 8.30-12, Virta 120
Wed 8-May-2019 at 8.30-12, Virta 120
Wed 22-May-2019 at 8.30-12, Virta 120


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

Alternative book exam in English in electronic exam 17.9.2018-16.8.2019. Teacher responsible is Johanna Lätti.

Reading list:

Bray, M., Adamson, B. & Mason. M. (eds.) 2014. Comparative Education Research. Approaches and Methods. Springer. 2nd edition. Chapters 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 & 15. (Please note that these chapter numbers apply only to the second edition of the book, which is available as a short loan or e-book at Tampere University Library – Tamcat. If you use the 1st edition, check out approx. similar contents.)

Phillips, D. & Schweisfurth, M. 2006/2007/2014. Comparative and International Education: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practise. London: Continuum. 1st or 2nd edition.

Novoa, A. & Yariv-Mashal, T. 2003. Comparative Research in Education: A mode of governance or a historical journey? Comparative Education, 39(4), 423–438 (Access via Tampere University Library – Andor search). Published also in World Yearbook of Education 2014, Taylor & Francis

Jones, Phillip W. 2007. Education and the World Order. Comparative Education 43(3), 325–337. (Access via Tampere University Library – Andor search).

Further information

Five places will be reserved for the open university students.