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KATVAA12 Responsible Business and Social Accounting (Option 2 Online course) 5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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Faculty of Management

Learning outcomes

The student understands the roles of accounting and corporate reporting within CSR, responsible business and sustainability. The student knows the principles of social accounting and how these issues are being communicated to stakeholders. The student is able to evaluate such information from the user?s perspective. The student is also able to conceive the challenges related to representing, estimating and measuring of social performance and impacts of business.

General description

The option 2 of this course is a web-based online course. The course comprises of three modules that the students will carry out in groups. This course will be completed as a team effort, so students must make sure they have enough time on their schedules when choosing this course.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Johanna Heiskanen, Teacher responsible


6-Feb-2018 – 13-Apr-2018
Lectures 3 hours
Tue 6-Feb-2018 at 14-17, Linna K113, Introduction lecture
Independent work 134 hours Web-based


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Group evaluation (report), individual evaluation (exam) and peer evaluation.

Study materials

Blowfield, M. and Murray, A.: Corporate Responsibility (2011 or latest ed.)

Zadek, S., Evans, R. and Pruzan, P.: Building Corporate Accountability: Emerging Practice in Social and Ethical Accounting and Auditing. (2013)

Other material assigned by the teacher.

Further information

NB 2.2.2018: There is still course places available. You can sign up for the course by sending an email to johanna.heiskanen@uta.fi or by attending the introduction lecture Tue 6.2.

The course is an online course. The course comprises of an introduction lecture, individual and group assignments, and a written exam of the course material.

KATVAA11 Business Ethics (5 ECTS) course (or corresponding studies) is a compulsory preceding course. Please notice that it has to be completed before the beginning of, or during, course KATVAA12.

Option 1 (Lectures) is organised in period II and option 2 (Online course) is available in periods III-IV.