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KASMULTI4 Education for Inclusive Citizenship - Seminar 5 ECTS
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Faculty of Education

Learning outcomes

The students will gain understanding of inclusive citizenship and its negotiation and promotion in multicultural educational institutions. They will learn to analyze questions related to education of minorities from the perspective of justice, recognition, self-determination and solidarity, and develop skills to promote socially just inclusive pedagogies.

General description

The course uses theories of inclusive citizenship and recognition in analyzing concrete cases related to the inclusion of ethnic, racial, religious, linguistic, sexual, gender and other minorities in educational institutions. In their individual case studies, the students will focus on a minority group and educational level of their own choosing.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Inkeri Rissanen, Teacher


6-Feb-2018 – 4-May-2018
Lectures 10 hours
Tue 6-Feb-2018 at 10-12, Virta Building 113
Wed 14-Feb-2018 at 10-12, LINNA K110
Tue 20-Feb-2018 at 10-12, Virta 120
Wed 7-Mar-2018 at 10-12, Linna K109
Wed 14-Mar-2018 at 10-12, Main building C5
Seminar 10 hours
Wed 18-Apr-2018 at 10-12, Main building E222
Fri 20-Apr-2018 at 10-12, Virta 120
Wed 25-Apr-2018 at 10-12, Linna K109
Wed 2-May-2018 at 10-12, Virta 114
Fri 4-May-2018 at 10-12, Linna K110


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

Maximum 30 participants.