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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2017–2018
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BIOMJ016 Biostatistics and Computing 5 ECTS
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Faculty of Social Sciences

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the students are familiar with descriptive statistics and measures of association. They understand the basic principles of statistical inference, modeling and testing. The students can recognize the type of problem they are dealing with and choose appropriate methods for analyzing simple data sets. Student is able to perform the analysis with a statistical software. Further, the students can write a report on the results of their analysis.

Enrolment for University Studies

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18-Sep-2017 – 13-Oct-2017
Mon 18-Sep-2017 - 9-Oct-2017 weekly at 12-14, A308
25-Sep-2017 at 12 –14 , Note! Arvo B342
Tue 19-Sep-2017 - 10-Oct-2017 weekly at 14-16, A308
Thu 21-Sep-2017 - 12-Oct-2017 weekly at 13-15, Computer class 72 (F120)
Fri 22-Sep-2017 - 13-Oct-2017 weekly at 12-14, Computer class 72 (F120), Note! No practicals on Sept. 29.!!
Tue 3-Oct-2017 at 9-11, Computer class 72