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TAYJ035 Planning, Managing and Completing Your Doctoral Thesis 2 ECTS
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Doctoral School

General description

General description

Planning makes perfect they say, and this holds true also when it comes to academic work. Do you wish to stop and think ahead how to make best use of your time, and to develop both your academic and transferable skills as a doctoral researcher? This concise two-day course provides practical tools and support for the management of the 4-year doctoral thesis project. The course is directed at doctoral students at the beginning phase of their studies.

The course
- Guides participants to identify and use the various tools already at their disposal
- Discusses forms of supervision and the supervisor- supervisee relationship
- Provides concrete tools for planning & managing the writing process
- Encourages doctoral researchers to better their media skills and digital research profiles
- Discusses how to use academic conferences as a means of chapter and article writing
- Encourages doctoral researchers to share their experiences and expertise

Place: 18.9. Room E222 (Main building), 25.9. Room E222 (Main building)


Day 1: 18.9.2017
09.15-12.00   Identifying academic skills and tools
12.00-13.00    lunch break
13.00-16.00   ‘Using’ vs. ‘going to’ academic conferences: A before - during and after model

Day 2:  25.9.2017
09.15-12.00   Having a practical map for it all: drafting your thesis outline
  Developing and updating our own digital research profile
12.00-13.00   lunch break
13.00-16.00   Giving and receiving feedback: supervisory relationships from start to finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Attendance to BOTH days is required for the completion of the course.

Teacher: Dr. Pirjo Nikander

Pre-assignment: Please write a short (one A4) text stating:
1)    Your name & field of research
2)    The format of your thesis to be (article doctorate/monograph)
3)    3 key journals + 3 key conferences in your own field
4)    3 issues that you find are the most challenging when it comes to managing the day-to-day reality of thesis writing.
5)    Your digital profile today. Do you use: ResearchGate, Twitter, Academia.edu, or LinkedIn?

DEADLINE for the pre-assignments is Mon 11.9.2017 (noon).
In addition participants will write a mini-assignment before the second meeting. Both assignments will be sent through Moodle,

Enrolment via NettiOpsu. Maximum number of students is 20. Selection method is draw. Students should check the selection result via NettiOpsu after the enrolment period.

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Pirjo Nikander, Teacher responsible


18-Sep-2017 – 25-Sep-2017