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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2016–2017
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TAYJ035 Managing Research Information 2 ECTS
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Yliopiston yhteiset tohtoriopinnot
Doctoral School

General description

Learning outcomes:

Goal of the course is to get the participant acquainted with the processes of systematic information management within the participants’ own research work. After completing the course, the participant
•    will be able to seek and manage information efficiently
•    understands the usefulness of reference management
•    recognizes how metrics can be utilized in evaluating scientific visibility and impact
•    understands the open science principles in research publication and can assess scientific publication channels
•    knows the key principles of research data management

Student group: Doctoral students and researchers

Module 1: Scientific literature retrieval and good scientific practice as a part of research project
Module 2: Information seeking & managing references
Module 3: Visibility and impact
Module 4: Open science and publishing
Module 5: Research data management

Organised by: Tampere University Library and Tampere University of Applied Sciences Library

People in charge: Tomi Toikko (UTA), Marja-Liisa Timperi (TAMK)

Teaching period:  6.3.2017 – 23.4.2017. All modules will last for one week (during 6.3. - 7.4.). The portfolio is expected to be returned on 23.4. at the latest.

Modes of study: Online course. The participant is expected to complete the weekly tasks on time by utilizing the course materials present on the platform. The tasks include short essays, questionnaires and discussions with other participants. The tasks will be compiled into a portfolio.

Group size: No limit

Enrolment: At University of Tampere: via Nettiopsu. Researchers who are not degree students, enrol with e-form:

Enrolled students will get more information after the enrolment period by email to @student.uta.fi addresses.

Enrolment time: 9.1.2017 - 20.2.2017

Evaluation: Pass/fail

Evaluation criteria: Active participation in web-based working and exercises done on time.

More information: tomi.toikko@staff.uta.fi

Enrolment for University Studies

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Tomi Toikko, Teacher responsible


6-Mar-2017 – 23-Apr-2017